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Bottom Knox Swimmer II 3.2G

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One of the effective ways to use trout that is unresponsive to lateral invitations is the bottom fishing style. The Bottom Knox Immer II concentrates the high specific gravity tungsten weight at the tip to keep buoyancy in the tail direction.

If the situation matches, the fish reacts like crazy.

Even in flowing water with flow, the bottom posture is kept with the tail facing up using high buoyancy at the time of landing. The bottom knock swing with bottom tapping creates a small fish that pecks at the bottom feed.

However, in the winding, I swim horizontally while slowly shaking the tail from side to side. Twitching using rhine slack turns around to produce swing action in the left and right, and in some cases up and down, and turns on the neutral trout predation switch.

How to use it is up to you. When used in a controlled fishing spot, please use according to the regulations of each managed fishing spot (bottom knox immer area is recommended for use at the management fishing spot).


LENGTH Approx. 30mm
HOOK D-Contact Hook #13