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Bottom Knox Swimmer 35mm

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Bottom Knox Swimmer 35mm

One of the effective ways to use trout that is unresponsive to lateral invitations is the bottom fishing style. The bottom knox swimmer 35 concentrates the high specific gravity tungsten weight at the tip to keep buoyancy in the tail direction.

If the situation matches, the fish reacts like crazy.

A new gianluer size-up model that drives mountain fish crazy
Bottom Knox Immer 35
Bottom Knox Swimmer II, a new genre of trout that uses the mouth even with trout with a weakened response to lateral invitations. Bottom Knox Immer 35 was born from the desire to deliver the Bottom Knox Immer II to a greater distance and depth.

The performance of the Bottom Knox Immer II is a model that has been increased in size as it is. Even in the abyss, deep waterfall basins and weirs, the main stream, and the lake.


LENGTH Approx. 35mm
HOOK D-Contact Hook #10