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Smith D-Contact 72 mm 9.5 g Heavy Sinking Minnow Trout Salmon Bass

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Smith D-Contact minnow baits are the innovative trout minnows, to be used in white rivers. The innovation is at its heavy body, 7 grams for this tiny 63mm bait. The weight allows you to cast long, and to land them like arrow below the bush and leaves. The heavy body makes inertia sliding actions at twitching. Its flat body sides reflect light to attract trout hiding under rocks. The well-designed lip keeps steady tight wobbling actions even at fast retrieving. The wobbling action of this bait is subtle, but quite effective to natural trout.


Model: D-contact 72

Running Depth: Heavy sinking

Length: 72 mm or 2-3/4” in.

Weight: 9.5 g or 3/8 oz.

Hooks: D-contact hook #8